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These are images of the horses at Kensington Stables in Brooklyn NY.  They are color xerox copies glued to heavy 100% cotton paper with an original watercolor on the reverse.  The text added to some images is what happened that day in the news.  I hope that text will bring something worth noticing about our times. They do not need to be framed, designed two-sided to discourage framing.  I find framing a hardship.  The cards are designed to be kept in a drawer, wrapped in wax paper.  Framers get living wage; the artist always gets far less. You can pin them directly to the wall they have an acrylic glaze protective coating on the copy side, and watercolor exposed to the air is not as vulnerable as you think. Pin them in a way that invites handling. Don’t worry. Pick them up. They are cheap.

If you want one of these Cards, please email me a request with a pay-what-you-can offer. I would like to use your photograph to create the watercolor on the reverse. Otherwise, I am painting images from walking and driving around Lancaster County, PA, and Brooklyn, and Manhattan in NYC.  All cards are recorded in my “Kensington Trading Cards” Registry, or in the “Recession Leaves” Registry as to the collector’s name, price sold, subject and date of the watercolor on reverse. Original signature, embossed “Stork”, and rubber stamp “Flatbush Saddle and Mold” further add effort to validate the card as original. Wrapping, and the USPS domestic will cost me $5. So please offer more than $5. I produce them at my own pace, no promises on speed unless you add incentive to rush. 

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