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BFA Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA. 1982.
Product Designer, John Wright Co, Wrightsville, PA. Cast iron and Aluminum Housewares. 1983-2006.
Architectural Restoration Sculptor for Remco, Inc. Grand Central Terminal, NYC. 1994-1998
Sculptor for Macy’s Parade Studio, Hoboken, NJ, John Piper, Director. 2003-2004
Construction Manager, Luxor General Contracting, Brooklyn, NY. Sandor Gubis, President. 2005-2006
Sculptor for Atta, Inc., NYC. Casting of the U.S.S Monitor, Mariners Museum, Newport News, VA. 2006
Leather handbag sewer for Anthony Luciano, Inc., NYC.  2007
English Saddlemaking Seminar, Harrisonburg, VA. George MacEachran SMS, Instructor. 2007
Introduction to Saddlefitting, British Society Master Saddlers, Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA.  2007
English Saddle Flocking Seminar, Ian and Andrew Hastilow SMS, Instructors. Berkeley Springs, WV. 2007
Pain-Free Back and Saddlefitting Clinic, Charlottesville, VA. Dr. Joyce Harman & Wendy Murdoch. 2008
Architectural Specifier, Philip Mitropoulos AIA, Douglaston, NY. 2007- 2015
Riding Instructor, Kensington Stables, Brooklyn, NY. Walker Blankinship, President. 2015-present
Product Designer, Brooklyn Copper Cookware, Brooklyn, NY. Mac Kohler, President.2014-present

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